Fast, transparent and compliant. Bid and tender management that ticks all the boxes.

In construction and engineering, Aconex is the world’s most trusted tender management and online collaboration platform. Using Aconex for your project means all documents, communication and business processes can be managed in one agreed and consistent way.

Tender managementBid and tender management can be time-consuming and labor-intensive: manual processes, short timeframes, and large volumes of documents. Chasing responses only adds to the headache.

Using Aconex cuts complexity and reduces wasted effort. It’s easy to use, for both issuers and recipients. And it can help you meet compliance requirements, drive down cost and control risk.

Speed and efficiency

One secure platform distributes all information and communication, maintains version control and tracks submissions electronically:

  • Use documents already on Aconex
  • Issue bids and tenders to selected parties, to the Aconex user network, or to the wider market
  • Keep everyone informed of new information quickly and easily
  • Re-use information in future procurement cycles
  • Provide secure access to all documentation with automated email notifications.

Transparency and accountability

Stay up-to-date with the status of each package:

  • Track who’s viewed an invitation and be notified when responses are submitted
  • Manage communication promptly and confidentially, with a full audit trail
  • Manage multiple bids and tenders from one interface.

Control and compliance

Know that documents, information and submissions will be received by the right people in a secure and timely manner, because:

  • Recipients can only see their own submissions. They can’t see anything from other bidders
  • Information is securely available from anywhere, anytime, online
  • You’ll be confident that information sent has been received, with a time and date stamp
  • You can apply an electronic ‘lockbox’ to meet corporate compliance requirements
  • There are no file size limits or restrictions.

    Does Aconex tender management sound promising? There’s more. Project-wide tender management is just one part of a collaboration solution: Aconex also takes care of document management, communication management and process management.

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