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Meet the Mission with Aconex for Federal Government 

For successful execution, capital military engineering and construction programs must coordinate complexity across resources, processes, and stakeholders.  Federal agencies and project teams use Aconex to gain visibility, control, and insights while abiding by high compliance and security requirements. Aconex provides the #1 cloud based project delivery platform that centralizes data management and improves resource effectiveness.  

The #1 cloud platform for Federal agencies - military and civilian capital E&C programs

A single source of truth = auditability & resource effectiveness 

Drive performance with connected teams, processes, and data across the project lifecycle to operations. Read the Aconex for Federal Government Datasheet to learn more.

An easy to use, cloud & mobile platform 

Government agencies love cloud-based systems for their reliability, cost savings, security and availability.  Read an interview with US Army Corps on digitizing federal project delivery.

The safest choice for the nation's information  

Aconex has been trusted on over  17,000 projects in 70+ countries while.  Read more about AconexGov security & compliance.

Agility and flexibility 

Ensure rapid deployment for any project type across your portfolio. Read more about what makes Aconex unique.

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