Reduce the cost and risk of Interface Management.

In construction and engineering, Aconex is the world’s most trusted online collaboration and interface management platform. Using Aconex for your project means all documents, communication and business processes can be managed in one agreed and consistent way.

Interface managementManaging interface dependencies between multiple organizations, especially when they are spread across different states and countries, can be challenging. To avoid costly mistakes and project over runs, your organization (and everyone else on the project) probably spends a huge amount of time managing these processes and the information that they handle.

There is a better way. Aconex Interface Management is specifically designed for multi-party information management. With Aconex, you can set up and manage interface relationships with ease, establish efficient workflows for approvals and powerful reporting on exceptions or delays. 

A single, easy-to-use system

Use a single, trusted web-based interface management system to let every project participant securely create, manage and report on their interfaces. The platform ensures that up-to-date information is available anywhere, at any time. All users need is internet access and an Aconex password.

  • All participants benefit from access to up-to-date information
  • Manual data entry is reduced, improving efficiency in managing large volumes of interface records
  • Fast and easy bulk processing reduces costly man-hours
  • Flexible and easy-to-create workflows streamline operations.

Control and accountability

  • Communication and status tracking across organizations are centralized
  • Interface records and related communications can be easily located with a powerful, easy-to-use search engine
  • Real-time reports provide status tracking and visibility
  • An Event Log captures user credentials for each interface action, including interface updates, downloads or workflow steps.

Trusted and secure, so everyone comes on board

  • A unique approach to “who can see what” drives trust and system adoption
  • World-class, third-party data centers ensure exceptional levels of trust, reliability and security
  • Unlimited users, data and storage, and unlimited global support for all participants, drive usage.

Does Aconex interface management sound promising? There’s more. Project-wide interface management is just one part of a collaboration solution: Aconex also takes care of document management, communication management and process management.

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